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Consider the following:
Flat paint is the dullest of the sheens. It's best used in low-activity areas, such as hallways, living and dining rooms, bedrooms, and on ceilings. Of all the sheen options, a flat finish is best at concealing wall imperfections.

Eggshell (sometimes called satin or low-luster) paint has a bit more shine to it than flat. It works well in kids' rooms, where easier-to-clean walls are often wanted.

Semi gloss paint has even more shine and reflective qualities than eggshell and is great for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture and cleanup are major considerations.

Gloss paint is just that: glossy. It has the highest shine factor, so it should be limited to truly high-traffic areas.
Because it highlights imperfections more than a lower-sheen paint, it's best when used on small areas, such as cabinet doors or trims.

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