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Summerville Resident's Web Site To Debut On
FreeServers Network.
(Summerville, SC) -- Taking advantage of the free
web space and web site building tools offered by FreeServers (http://4t.com), Summerville resident Christopher Poe has created "Poe's Interior Painting" (http://www.poespainting.4t.com), a site devoted specifically to Interior Painting. Poe's web site provides Service to the Tri-County area of the Lowcountry Offering Affordable Rates and Guaranteed Satisfaction.
(Charleston, Berkley and Dorchester Counties). The site also contains information about Summerville and surrounding areas as well as informative insight on older homes and the possibility of Lead exposure with recommendations on dealing with the problem. It also has links to tools to calculate your paint needs as well as a project estimator to put you in the ball park on the cost of your next project. Other outdoor links are also available. Chris chose FreeServers for web site hosting primarily because of the site enhancement options, site promotion tools, and ease of use with no HTML knowledge. Chris, like many small businesses, families, and individuals, are turning to free web providers like FreeServers to easily and quickly establish an Internet presence without the traditional expenses and risks involved in building a web site. Not only does FreeServers charge no monthly fees for free custom domain names, but FreeServers also provides tools that enable anyone, regardless of experience or Internet savvy, to create a professional-looking web site in minutes. They can then easily update and add cool new features to their site from month to month without having to pay a professional web design company or ISP's high design, hosting, and maintenance fees. At a time when good domain names are becoming scarce, Chris was also able to choose a domain name that fit the content of "Poe's Interior Painting" by utilizing the free "custom domain names," which lets members include their own name or business name right in the URL, such as "Poe's Interior Painting.freeservers.com". Savvy surfers like Chris have already established their web spaces on FreeServers, and the word has been spreading fast. All anyone has to do is go to http://signup.freeservers.com, fill out a quick sign up form, and then start building a web site. Word of mouth seems to be letting the secret out quickly. FreeServers currently offers members custom domain names, and a host of site building and promotion tools all with no setup fee and no monthly charges. Chris is very happy with the service and hopes to stay with FreeServers to take advantage of new features as they come, and encourages other Summerville residents who have wanted to have their own web site to use FreeServers as well. Now a veteran at using the FreeServers website tools, Chris is willing to share knowledge and experience with other Summerville residents who are interested in building their own web sites. Although you can already visit the site, "Poe's Interior Painting" will officially launch on October 07, 2002. Chris invites all Summerville residents to come and help celebrate the launch, and to check out the great Interior Painting related content on the web site. To go to Poe's Interior Painting, simply type "http://www.poespainting.4t.com" into your web browser and get a FREE Quote today! For those interested in creating a free FreeServers web site right away, type "http://signup.freeservers.com"


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